3 Home-Based Money-Making Ideas for Fashion Lovers

3 Home-Based Money-Making Ideas for Fashion Lovers

junio 16, 2017

Ideas for Fashion Lovers

If you thought that you must have a degree in textile design or fashion merchandising in order for you to make good money, think again! Today, technological advancements help fashion lovers to work in the fashion industry from the comfort of their homes or offices. What’s more surprising is that you don’t necessarily need any formal education to get started. You must be wondering what magic that is. It’s very easy, as you are going to find out shortly. Take a look at the following tested and proven ways that you as a fashion lover can implement to make money while at your comfort zone:

Become a Fashion Blogger

Foodies blog about food, travelers blog about places and fashionistas blog about fashion. You belonging to the latter group, you should consider a career as a fashion blogger, whereby you can share fashion tips and trends to your audience. This will entail researching, writing, taking photos, reviewing and editing, so that you can publish remarkable blog posts online. The more remarkable your content, the more people will visit your blog, and the more money will end in your pocket.

As a fashion blogger, you can manage to earn money in several ways: affiliate marketing, corporate sponsorships, direct ad sales, brand ambassadorship, sponsored blog posts, publishing of e-books, etc. The amount that you will earn from the endeavor you choose will greatly depend on your mindset and determination.

Become A Fashion Blogger

Become a Tailor or Seamstress

Assuming that you are a woman/mom who loves being there for her children and can’t think of a full time job, this is a home-based business that you can derive a lot from. This is something that you can do if you are creative enough and itching to earn a good income from your talents. If you do not have a background education about stitching, there are three places where you can start – you can take a course, buy tailoring books, or check out online tutorials.

After gaining some knowledge on the subject, you can proceed and buy a good sewing machine from a reputable brand. You’ll also need different colored threads and supplies, including a tape measure, a scale, a pair of scissors and a tailor’s chalk. One important thing to remember is that you shouldn’t stress trying to learn everything at once. It would be easier to choose one type of garment to begin with, master it and then move on to another one. Once you get everything right, you will be ready to unleash your own clothing line, which means more money coming your way!

Try drop shipping

Direct sales consultancy is another in-thing these days. This can be a very smart idea if you don’t have enough capital to set up your own fashion boutique. This is because the direct sales industry has made it possible for those who don’t have the ability to set up brick and mortar storefronts engage in what is known as drop shipping.

Companies such as Intima USA provide home-based opportunities to fashion lovers like you, allowing you to sell a wide variety of products, including clothes, shoes, handbags, jewelry and accessories. From casual and fun clothing, to tailored fit and boutique-style clothing, you will get them all at Stefano Di Roma Catalog With this retail model, direct sales consultants are normally paid a commission on the products they sell. Some companies go as far as giving out small bonuses once their direct sales consultants refer potential customers into the program. All you need to do is to sign up for a free catalogue and start pitching products to customers. Once customers make orders, you can have the fashion company ship those products directly to the customers.

Those are the 3 easiest ways that you as a fashion lover can earn money while at home. In all three instances, you need an Internet-connected computer, some good persuasive skills and you are good to go. It’s that simple!


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